"Waft to us the ocean breeze of Thy presence. Take away the darkness that hides Thee from us….
Teach us to fell Thee just behind our thoughts, just behind our feelings,
just behind our love."

Paramahansa Yogananda


Paramahansa Yogananda
Welcome To The
Richmond Meditation Circle

This group is composed of devoted members and friends of the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF).

For more than 85 years, SRF has been dedicated to carrying on the spiritual and humanitarian work of its founder, Paramahansa Yogananda, widely revered as the father of Yoga in the West.

SRF is a worldwide religious organization with international headquarters in Los Angeles. As expressed in the Aims and Ideals formulated by Paramahansa Yogananda, the society seeks to foster a spirit of greater understanding and goodwill among the diverse peoples and religions of our global family, and to help those of all cultures and nationalities to realize and express more fully in their lives the beauty, nobility, and divinity of the human spirit.

 Insight and Guidance From Paramahansa Yogananda's Talks and Writings

Insight and Guidance From Paramahansa Yogananda's Talks and Writings

Draw on God for the solution of all your problems. Do not allow your courage and quick wit to be paralyzed when overwhelming difficulties suddenly come down on you like an avalanche. Keep awake your intuitive common sense and your faith in God and try to find even the slenderest means of escape, and you will find that means. All will come out right in the end, for God has hidden His goodness behind the superficiality of the paradoxes of mortal experiences.

Wine of the Mystic  

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Do not be afraid of anything. Even when tossing on a wave in a storm, you are still on the bosom of the ocean. Always hold on to the consciousness of God's underlying presence. Be of even mind, and say: "I am fearless; I am made of the substance of God. I am a spark of the Fire of Spirit. I am an atom of the Cosmic Flame. I am a cell of the vast universal body of the Father. 'I and my Father are One.'"

Wine of the Mystic  

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God is the Fountain of health, prosperity, wisdom, and eternal joy. We make our life complete by contact with God. Without Him, life is not complete. Give your attention to the Almighty Power that is giving you life and strength and wisdom. Pray that unceasing truth flow into your mind, unceasing strength flow into your body, and unceasing joy flow into your soul. Right behind the darkness of closed eyes are the wondrous forces of the universe, and all the great saints; and the endlessness of the Infinite. Meditate, and you will realize the omnipresent Absolute Truth and see Its mysterious workings in your life and in all the glories of creation.

Wine of the Mystic  

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You are all gods, if you only knew it. Behind the wave of your consciousness is the sea of God's presence. You must look within. Don't concentrate on the little wave of the body with its weaknesses; look beneath. Close your eyes and you see the vast omnipresence before you, everywhere you look. You are in the center of that sphere, and as you lift your consciousness from the body and its experiences, you will find that sphere filled with the great joy and bliss that lights the stars and gives power to the winds and storms. God is the source of all our joys and of all the manifestations in nature….


Awaken yourself from the gloom of ignorance. You have closed your eyes in the sleep of delusion. Awake! Open your eyes and you shall behold the glory of God —the vast vista of God's light spreading over all things. I am telling you to be pine realists, and you will find the answer to all questions in God.

Wine of the Mystic  

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RMC Meeting Schedule

The Richmond Meditation Circle meets every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

RMC Service Location

The Richmond Meditation Circle Service location is:

8401 Patterson Avenue
Suite 204
Richmond, VA 23229-6430

The location is marked on the map shown by clicking the  Directions  menu item above.
Contact Dr. Raval at (804) 305-1415 if you have any questions.

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